April 7, 2006

I just discovered a name that i ,like, 'really' like after i stumbled upon somebody with it  on Skype.Thing is the persons from Iceland,another country im crazy about. The name's originally Slovenian if i remember correctly.

"Milica" ,now how magical is that.Woooow


3 Responses to “Milica”

  1. Milica Says:

    Hello. I’ve just stepped on your blog. I see that you like my name. My name is actually Serbian, with Slavic origin. It is very old, it was first mentioned in the Dark Ages, in medieval Serbia.
    Best regards

  2. Milica Says:

    Hello, I also think it is a wonderfull name. 🙂

    I belive that a the root of this word is “mila” (or mio) which means “dear” in serbian.

    Best regards from Milica

  3. sri Says:

    dear ? really ? that makes it even more cute… i always thought serbians were the gruffly kind 🙂

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