this blog is closed

May 6, 2006

sorry, my nokia 7710,the one i used to draw all these foolsih things,it got stolen,so right now,i dont have anything else to post in this..

so bye and good luck


2 Responses to “this blog is closed”

  1. shane Says:

    Get a Wacom tablet! 🙂

  2. Hune…hehhehe *kiSs*BLoG kAMu Yang iNi bANYaK yANg VieW YaKz…gA tAU kALe diA kALo Qta dAh “PAsANGiN SCRiPt” buat nANGkePiN YAng SuKa ngiNTiPiN QtA…KACiAaAaAanNnNn…pASuKaN pATAh hAti…iHiKs :pCyAnk…LAGuNyA zeNdu…MeLLoW…jADinYa pENGeN KetEMu TeYuz ;))pOKoKnYa Ai LupH Yu Click

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